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TH Dog Grooming


Nails trimmed

Ears cleaned

De-matting and brushing

Bath and blow dried

Trimming to the style you would like for your dog



Tiny breeds and puppies up to 16weeks £25

Smoothy dogs ,bath, nails and ears cleaned (e.g. Labrador) £30

Small breeds (e.g. Westie, Cocker Poo, Shih-tzu) £30

Medium breeds (eg; Springer Spaniel size) £35

Larger breeds ( eg: Golden Retriever, Labradoodle ) £40

Extra large breeds, price given on request depending on size and time taken to do the dog.

I have been grooming for 28 years and all dogs treated with Kindness and Care


I am a dog lover and have been grooming for 28 years. I am passionate about what I do and operate from a quiet village called Cople in Bedfordshire.

Three years ago I started a dog grooming consultancy, helping groomers start their own successful businesses. My latest successful project enabled Jollyes petstore to open their first grooming salon in 2016. I am still consulting in the grooming world and enjoy seeing my clients' businesses grow.

Those of you already acquainted with me and my work will know that I have had many lovely dogs come into my home, from rescue to pedigree, from Shih-tzu to German Shepherd and that I have no particular favourite breed. I love them all!

Here I am pictured with a lovely Standard Poodle.

Here I am pictured with a lovely Standard Poodle


Dog Grooming
Dog Grooming
Dog Grooming


Jacquie Grimshaw McCoy

"Tracey deals with my two dogs so well, one is very nervous and I like the way they are done on a one to one basis. They come out looking and smelling gorgeous. Thank you tracey"

"Th dog grooming in Cople I would recommend. One to one service, great with my Cypriot rescue dog who is terrified of Vets and hates being touched."

Sam Andrews

"My dog barney loves going to Tracy he always is looking and smelling beautiful. His a cockerpoo and I like a particular cut and Tracy achieves this every time !!"

Nicola Lowe

"Maisie loves going to see Tracey and she always looks and smells fabulous after her visits."

Call Tracy Herrick on 01234 831079 or 07711680984