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TH Dog Grooming


Nails trimmed

Ears cleaned

De-matting and brushing

Bath and blow dried

Trimming to the style you would like for your dog



Tiny breeds and puppies up to 16weeks £25

Smoothy dogs ,bath, nails and ears cleaned (e.g. Labrador) £30

Small breeds (e.g. Westie, Cocker Poo, Shih-tzu) £30

Medium breeds (eg; Springer Spaniel size) £35

Larger breeds ( eg: Golden Retriever, Labradoodle ) £40

Extra large breeds, price given on request depending on size and time taken to do the dog.

I have been grooming for 28 years and all dogs treated with Kindness and Care


I am a dog lover and have been grooming for 28 years. I am passionate about what I do and operate from a quiet village called Cople in Bedfordshire.

The previous owner of Posh Dogs in three towns and villages, I opened the first salon in 1993 in Langford.

Three years ago I started a dog grooming consultancy, helping groomers start their own successful businesses. My latest successful project enabled Jollyes petstore to open their first grooming salon in 2016. I am still consulting in the grooming world and enjoy seeing my clients' businesses grow.

Those of you already acquainted with me and my work will know that I have had many lovely dogs come into my home, from rescue to pedigree, from Shih-tzu to German Shepherd and that I have no particular favourite breed. I love them all!

Here I am pictured with a lovely Standard Poodle.

Here I am pictured with a lovely Standard Poodle

Call Tracy Herrick on 01234 831079 or 07711680984